english translation – the festival

The Festival

Organized by young people for young people


We‘re a group of young and young stayed creative minds who want to change, to play a part in and to contribute something.
The aim of our challenging efforts is a festival from young people for young people. We want to show exemplarily: Something is going on in Schwedt! Not just for seniors or children, especially for youths who want to experience something and co-create there shall be a highlight in the city. Our aim is to make the „senior-region“ handsome for young people. It may be an argument to absolve their professional education in the region or to come back after their apprenticeship or study and to enhance their home. The home-feeling is strengthened or just arises as a result.
The aim is to create a yearly highlight of the youth culture in the region, which grows more important and bigger every year.


Our major audience are the 14-to-27-years-old. Especially what‘s about the active contribution to the organization. The festival shall offer a colorful program, whereby also the whole family can get active. Emancipation is very important to us. Everything will be there for everybody. Girls and Boys have the same opportunities.


The whole organization is discussed and voted by a group which consists of young people and the persons responsible. So it‘s guaranteed that it‘s a festival from the youth of Schwedt for the youth. We want to become connected with the close to the border regions in Poland. That‘s a special desire of us, because the festival is a celebration of the together.

The opportunity to help form the festival with information-, sale- and action stands is offered to interested facilities, clubs and persons.